Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In the Columbia Journalist

In the Columbia Journalist, there's a very nice article by Yvonne Villarreal about Graffiti on Facebook. If you happen to know me, I'm just a little obsessed over the web based drawing application. Here's a blurb that mentions me.

As Graffiti users grow more experienced, their works look less and less like graffiti and more like miniature artworks. The work of Jeremy Deveraturda, 27, a recent fine arts undergraduate in New York, is often compared with traditional watercolor. That makes sense, he says, since they share the same attributes: a light drawing first, color intensity on the focal point, then a wash of color on top. Deveraturda, whose work can be viewed at www.funlabor.com, is inspired by drawings from art history books, and taps his own knowledge of how traditional artists made their paintings.
Very cool -- Especially for listing my website and putting one of my drawings next to the article. Thank you Yvonne ! Check the rest of the informative article.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

CommunicationArts July

Woo. So, I've just recieved a letter that I'll be featured in Communication Arts July. Which painting? I, uh, am not realy sure. The letter listed all the paintings I submitted, unless they're including ALL of my 5 submissions. That'll be insane and too good to be true. But I'm happy nonetheless, no matter how many submissions get in. I've been wanting to make it in CA since artschool.