Monday, September 21, 2009

The Funhouse

I did this illustration for fellow illustrator and animator Ramses Melendez, La Casa de la Risa. Ramses and his team are releasing an animation called Fantasmagorias, and I was honored when Ramses asked me to participate in creating some art. Here, I interpreted their "Funhouse" design in this moody setting :) Check out Ram's unique art. There's a bit about the upcoming animation in the header.


  1. hey Jeremy
    your funhouse are great¡ the fantastic and sinister mood fits awesome in the Fantasmagorias wolrd.


  2. Thanks Ram! It was a pleasure to work on.

  3. i really like your style, what is your process or what bruhes/ program do you use.

    The fuhouse and the chans are my favorites of yours. its good to work beside you on CA, great competition.

    BTW, do you have a site.

  4. Hey there

    Thanks for commenting. My Photoshop brushes are the standard ones that come with the program, except for an Ink Splatter brush that I'll sparingly use in certain areas (great for rocks).. you can google InkSpatter brush and something should come up

    My site is :

    What's your nick on CA?