Thursday, December 31, 2009

The World's End. Arrr!

The Well at World's End

Another for ConceptArt's Weekly challenge: The Well at World's End. I wanted to avoid the typical idea of a wishing well, instead I opted for the basics of a well: a source of natural water.


  1. that looks pretty ominous. I love the skull right before you fall off the cliff :) really nice scene

  2. I like very much this kide of ambient and i like too the little blue intensity in your choice of color.
    Hope see more and more man!

    Hzave a nice week end

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  4. Thanks for checking out my work Boris !

  5. This is great, Jeremy.
    I love your work ( that includes your beautiful brain! )
    Thanks for putting your name on my Blog, I fill honoured.
    your friend Sergio.