Friday, September 3, 2010

It's September already?

...although to be honest, I am ready for Fall. I'm not sure how many more 95f+ days I can handle in New York :-)

I've been meaning to post this new painting I did for ConceptArt's EOW challenge, but I've been sitting on this for a while since I'm not sure if it's absolutely finished, or if I should tweak this some more. I guess time will tell.

And, big thanks to Art-Spire for mentioning me. It's such a welcome surprise :)


  1. beautiful!! Love the color scheme, it brings to much atmosphere to the painting.

  2. Thanks Alina :) Color is always fun for me!

  3. congrats man, damn nice piece. thought it was some prince of Persia,assassin creed art. great work and love the colors

  4. thanks dennis :) coincedently Assasin's Creed II is actually one of my fav games this generation

  5. hey Jeremy this is Chris(intern guy)

    how are you doing?

    just curious. I hope you are doing well,

    that's a gooododoodod painting!

  6. hey chris! thanks for dropping by.

    Work is very, very busy (as you know).. enjoy your last year at SVA!

  7. wwooooowwwwwww.... jeremy... AMAZING painting! i love everything about it. your gettin too good too fast!!